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CBD Oil Last Day of Sale

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  1. Tell us what you use CBD for. Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

    1. I get the CBD oil drops for my elderly mother. We’ve been through 2 bottles and about to start on a third. She says the oil helps tremendously with her knee and joint pains.

      1. Also, I have been using the salve at times. Recently I had a shingles outbreak. Upon seeing the beginning stage I ran to my doctor and verified and was issued the Valtrex script. However I thought I’d try the salve (working from the outside in, I thought) and began applying it to the few places I had. I believe the CBD salve helped greatly, as no more sports developed, and the existing ones seemed to stop advancing. None became scabbed-over and the pain/itching was greatly diminished. The episode was over and done within a week or so. I believe the salve was a great help.

        1. Thank you for your review, Robert! We believe in the effectiveness of our products. You see first hand what good quality CBD can do for you.

      2. We are thrilled it is helping her!

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