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How to Dose CBD Oil

How do you know how to dose CBD Oil ,how much CBD to take for yourself, in order to get relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, low mood, and other things? It takes a little personal focus and experimentation to figure it out. Research is not yet conclusive, but it is showing that you really can’t take too much. In other words, it will not harm you. YAY!!

Let’s start with Dovetail Ridge Farm’s CBD Salve. It is 100% of pure CBD goodness, 1000 mg. of extract from USDA Certified Organic Hemp Flowers that are grown here on farm. You simply unscrew the lid, stick your fingers in to get some, and rub it into the area that is hurting. It works really fast, and can be applied as often as needed. It sometimes gives lasting relief for a long time . Most often reapplication is needed every 12 to 24 hours. It absorbs quickly, and has a natural, earthy smell. It REALLY works. No dosing necessary. Just rub it on.

The CBD Oil is different. It is most often an individual experience figuring out how much CBD OIl it takes for you to get the results you need.

First , let’s talk about drug testing. Our CBD Oil is a full spectrum tincture. This means all the cannabinoids present in the plant at the time of extraction are present. This includes the .3% or less of THC that is allowed by law. This very small amount can throw a drug test. You need to be aware of this.

Let’s look at a link which talks about dosing CBD. The information in this link matches up to experiences Dovetail clients have had, and is backed up by research. Each person might need a different amount of CBD OIl to meet their needs. There are instructions for mow much CBD OIl to take on our label. This is a guideline. Some of you will need more, some will need less. The rule of thumb is, start small, and add or subtract to your CBD dose as needed. It works. This link also has a lot of other useful information about CBD.

Please visit to shop for CBD Oil and CBD Salve, as well as tea and flower. We are planning to add a stronger tincture this coming year, as well as a tincture for immune support.

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CBD Harvest 2022

Dovetail Ridge Farm has started our CBD harvest for 2022. Sour Candy Kush and CBG plants are already hanging in the barn. Mountain Flower and CBDV will be cut soon. Here is our Field Master, Joe Chasnoff, hanging the first CBD plant in the barn. Our finest plants from our CBD Harvest will be used to make our CBD Oil, salve, tea and flower. to see more pictures in our gallery, and to shop!

The plants will hang in the barn for up to a month, then be brought inside to finish the drying process off inside with a dehumidifier. Plants are dried to a 10-11% moisture level so they can safely be stored prior to processing.

The plants reabsorb moisture if it is very humid, so the CBD harvest has to be monitored carefully to insure proper moisture levels before packaging and storing the plant material.

Some plants from our CBD harvest will be hand trimmed for smokeable flower, and the rest will be tumbled in our Tommy the Tumbler, dubbed Sir Tommy by our friend Donna Lavelle, to remove dried leaves and stems. is the address if you’d like to learn more about Sir Tommy.

After plants are cut, hung, dried, and trimmed, the plant material is stored in giant paper bags, and then vacuum sealed in big plastic bags. They are stacked and stored in a temperature controlled room until ready for sale and processing. Each bag is considered a batch, and is sampled and sent to our 3rd party lab, Fouser Environmental services to be tested for safety and cannabinoid content, which includes making sure the plants are legal according to federal and state regulations. See and for more information.

Dovetail CBD harvest is always an exciting event. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor of love with you!

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Organic CBD in CBD Oil

Organic CBD Crop 2022!

It is nearing time for Dovetail Ridge Farm’s annual CBD harvest. Plants reach their peak around the equinox on September 22 this year. The WV Department of Agriculture has been here to sample the CBD crop, and we are awaiting the countdown to harvest.

We have two kinds of CBD hemp in the field. One is Sour Candy Kush. Some of the plants are over 7 feet tall. They are aromatic with terpenes and covered up in trichomes. The seeds we bought were feminized. We actually had one hermaphroditic plant in the Sour Candy Kush, which had to be removed from the field so it did not fertilize the rest of the plants. The CBD content is promised to be around 17%. Dovetail Ridge farm is looking forward to making our CBD Oil with this potent organic CBD plant.

We also grow Mountain Flower, which is predominant in CBD, as well. This is our own organic CBD plant, bred on farm. It grows in to bushy, fragrant plants which we love! We use Mountain Flower to make all of our products, including our CBD Oil.

There are about 45 White CBG plants. CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids. CBG is being researched in relationship to its ability to fight Covid 19. Dovetail Ridge Farm plans to develop an immune formula this fall using CBG and CBD. You can read more about CBG at Go to articles and choose CBG.

We have one last variety this year. It is called Forbidden V, our CBV plant. It is being researched as a possible anticancer treatment, as well as other benefits.

Dovetail Ridge Farm plans to add all these additional cannabinoids to our full spectrum organic CBD products to strengthen and enhance their effectiveness. Shop for CBD, and watch for new products at

We did get our results from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. All of our plants are legal, and have been released for commerce! This is great news for our organic CBD, CBG, and CBV plants! Time to cut and hang the plants!

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Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master

Meet Joe Chasnoff, co-owner of and Dovetail Ridge Farm field master. Joe wears many hats in the business. Most importantly, he manages our CBD hemp fields. He sees preparation of the ground from start to finish. The ph in the soil has to be just right to best nurture the CBD hemp plants . These plants produce our acclaimed CBD oil, salve, tea and flower. Rows are laid out and tilling done to give our plants room to grow into their full potential.Nourishing the plants is very important. This season Joe made biochar and wood ash from organic wood scraps harvested on farm. He also added blood meal, worm castings, and diatomaceous earth. A new addition this year was AgMicrobes, which is like a probiotic for the soil.

Fencing for Protection

Joe maintains the fences to protect our plants from wildlife. It took him several rounds of reinforcing the fences by adding height and repairing breeches caused by determined wildlife.

Hemp Plants are Dioecious

Joe will continue to identify the sex of each plant of as they reach maturity.He will do this daily to insure we have plants with the highest CBD content possible.Joe has culled approximately 20 male plants so far this season. Three of these came from our plants grown from feminized seed. He even found one hermaphroditic plant in our Sour Candy Kush CBD plants. The male plants have to be taken to a remote area and destroyed so they do not fertilize the female plants.

Air Dried for Quality

Joe will oversee hand harvesting and hanging of the plants to insure safe handling so we can bring excellent quality to the processing table. Joe is currently building a new drying room for our plants. It will be finished in time for this year’s harvest.

It is a busy time of year at Dovetail Ridge Farm. Thank you, Joe, for being the Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master!Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master

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CBD Oil and Topical Salve

This is a testimonial from Janice Long: ” I have tried a lot of CBD and analgesic topicals and tinctures and find Dovetail Ridge Farm to be highly effective and fast acting.

I have been nursing a back injury over the last few weeks and just this morning I twisted in such a way that caused severe, shooting pain in my lower back.

I applied Dovetail Ridge salve and in 10 minutes was able to continue my day and do my morning workout. My husband suffers from chronic neck pain and the tincture really helps him manage day-to-day.

Thank you for making such wonderful products.” Janice

Dovetail Ridge CBD

CBD Oil and Topical Salve

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CBD Hemp Crop 2022

The plants are growing fast! We tried some new things, and they are looking good. We ll have Sour Candy Kush CBD, White CBG, and CBV, as well as our own mountain bred organic Mountain Flower. I will write soon about the benefits of the different plant cannabinoids.

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CBD from seed to shelf!

Our plants go in the ground on tomorrow! We will be sure to take pictures and post them. Did you know that Dovetail Ridge Farm has bred its own certified organic seed on farm? It produces plants that are around six feet tall, male and female, is fragrant and beautiful! Most CBD hemp seed is feminized to suppress the males. Mountain flower is natural seed, so it grows both. Most of the male plants get culled, which always makes me sad. It is necessary to get the unfertilized females that produce the most CBD. We have a seed patch where we do move a couple of males and a few females, so the males will fertilize a handful of females. This is where our natural, organic seed comes from. It is always exciting to be a a part of this process with our hemp plants.

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Planting CBD Hemp Plants

The seeds sprouted! The plants grew. And now, its time to harden them off in preparation for putting them out in the field. Joe has been tilling, mulching, and making our own potash. Big stacks of organic lumber scraps were burning in the rain last night. It was beautiful. It all came off the farm, and now will go back in to the soil. CBD, CBG, and CBV hemp will grow here on Dovetail Ridge this season. And we will make the best products available from these gorgeous , organic, cannabinoid-rich plants. To us, organic CBD matters. Small farmed. Hand tended. Homemade. We love it!