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Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master

Meet Joe Chasnoff, co-owner of and Dovetail Ridge Farm field master. Joe wears many hats in the business. Most importantly, he manages our CBD hemp fields. He sees preparation of the ground from start to finish. The ph in the soil has to be just right to best nurture the CBD hemp plants . These plants produce our acclaimed CBD oil, salve, tea and flower. Rows are laid out and tilling done to give our plants room to grow into their full potential.Nourishing the plants is very important. This season Joe made biochar and wood ash from organic wood scraps harvested on farm. He also added blood meal, worm castings, and diatomaceous earth. A new addition this year was AgMicrobes, which is like a probiotic for the soil.

Fencing for Protection

Joe maintains the fences to protect our plants from wildlife. It took him several rounds of reinforcing the fences by adding height and repairing breeches caused by determined wildlife.

Hemp Plants are Dioecious

Joe will continue to identify the sex of each plant of as they reach maturity.He will do this daily to insure we have plants with the highest CBD content possible.Joe has culled approximately 20 male plants so far this season. Three of these came from our plants grown from feminized seed. He even found one hermaphroditic plant in our Sour Candy Kush CBD plants. The male plants have to be taken to a remote area and destroyed so they do not fertilize the female plants.

Air Dried for Quality

Joe will oversee hand harvesting and hanging of the plants to insure safe handling so we can bring excellent quality to the processing table. Joe is currently building a new drying room for our plants. It will be finished in time for this year’s harvest.

It is a busy time of year at Dovetail Ridge Farm. Thank you, Joe, for being the Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master!Dovetail Ridge Farm Field Master