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Organic CBD in CBD Oil

Organic CBD Crop 2022!

It is nearing time for Dovetail Ridge Farm’s annual CBD harvest. Plants reach their peak around the equinox on September 22 this year. The WV Department of Agriculture has been here to sample the CBD crop, and we are awaiting the countdown to harvest.

We have two kinds of CBD hemp in the field. One is Sour Candy Kush. Some of the plants are over 7 feet tall. They are aromatic with terpenes and covered up in trichomes. The seeds we bought were feminized. We actually had one hermaphroditic plant in the Sour Candy Kush, which had to be removed from the field so it did not fertilize the rest of the plants. The CBD content is promised to be around 17%. Dovetail Ridge farm is looking forward to making our CBD Oil with this potent organic CBD plant.

We also grow Mountain Flower, which is predominant in CBD, as well. This is our own organic CBD plant, bred on farm. It grows in to bushy, fragrant plants which we love! We use Mountain Flower to make all of our products, including our CBD Oil.

There are about 45 White CBG plants. CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids. CBG is being researched in relationship to its ability to fight Covid 19. Dovetail Ridge Farm plans to develop an immune formula this fall using CBG and CBD. You can read more about CBG at Go to articles and choose CBG.

We have one last variety this year. It is called Forbidden V, our CBV plant. It is being researched as a possible anticancer treatment, as well as other benefits.

Dovetail Ridge Farm plans to add all these additional cannabinoids to our full spectrum organic CBD products to strengthen and enhance their effectiveness. Shop for CBD, and watch for new products at

We did get our results from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. All of our plants are legal, and have been released for commerce! This is great news for our organic CBD, CBG, and CBV plants! Time to cut and hang the plants!