Customer Testimonials

I applied the massage oil on one foot for a massage client with chronic pain. Within minutes, he was singing praises. I love the smell of the oil with lavender! I look forward to placing my order soon! I am a Licensed nurse, certified to perform Manual Lymph Drainage, and am about to be licensed as a Massage Therapist.

Felicia Key LPN, MLD-C

I’m a first time user of CBD products , and even though my friends have been raving about CBD for years, I was skeptical. I have to say, though, both the tincture and salve have helped me a lot. The salve smells heavenly, and I rub it on my temples and sore back and neck whenever I feel stressed or in pain. The tincture also helps relieve my back pain, but more importantly, it helps me sleep. In these times when sleep is difficult due to high anxiety, the tincture lives on my nightstand, and I take it when I get in to bed. I can feel myself letting go of stress and fall asleep in minutes. What a gift.

Jessica Azulay

I have used CBD products for several years for myself, family, and informed clients in my role as a Licensed Massage Therapist. I have noticed a wide range of efficacy in different brands, as well as some ingredients I was less than happy to use. I had been looking forward to the production of Dovetail Ridge Farm products, knowing the organic status of the land and personal integrity of the owners. The Dovetail Ridge tincture and salve have exceeded my expectations in quality, palatability, and performance. I am grateful to have access to these products locally.

Lynn Benedict

The CBD tincture and salve have been great for alleviating aches and pains which allows me to get a better night’s sleep. It helps my wife’s foot pain. The quality of Dovetail Ridge Farm’s products is high level, and I like that we are buying something that was grown and made locally.

Jeff Cobb