Artisanal Full Spectrum CBD Salve 1000mg


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Our 2 oz. salve is a carefully balanced mixture of organic virgin coconut oil, 1000 mg full spectrum CBD, and raw, natural beeswax. We extract the CBD from USDA Certified Organic Hemp plants grown on Dovetail Ridge Farm, resulting in a full strength, easily applied and quickly absorbed salve with pleasant, naturally earthy aromatic appeal. No additional scent is added. The salve is quick acting, and can be applied as frequently as needed. It is best applied directly to areas that are in need of pain relief, as well as to temples and behind the ears for stress relief and headaches.  From start to finish, we have created this artisanal product with loving care, from sprouting the seed, to hand mixing, and pouring the finished salve. We assure consistent quality confirmed with third party lab testing. The coconut oil in the salve is temperature sensitive. Store in a cool dark place.

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