About Us

Meet the Owners of Dovetail Ridge Farm

Dovetail Ridge Farm, USDA Organic Certified, is located on Peters Mountain in Monroe County, West Virginia. The owners, Joe and Loria Chasnoff live in their hand-built house, pursuing their vision of a self-sufficient, solar powered life-style.

Joe is a master craftsman in wood with a 50 year career in furniture and cabinet making. Loria, whose vision of a family business in agriculture inspired the Dovetail Ridge artisanal hemp operation, is a skilled pain management massage professional.

She has always loved to make tinctures and flower essences and has studied medicine making at The Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine.

Loria’s insight into the extraordinary potential of CBD oil to make a positive impact on people’s lives has been a guiding light in creating a family business, making full strength, organic CBD oil products at affordable prices. With the help of our friends, and a lot of hard work, it all happens here, from seed to shelf. Try our CBD oil and salve today.