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CBD Harvest 2022

Dovetail Ridge Farm has started our CBD harvest for 2022. Sour Candy Kush and CBG plants are already hanging in the barn. Mountain Flower and CBDV will be cut soon. Here is our Field Master, Joe Chasnoff, hanging the first CBD plant in the barn. Our finest plants from our CBD Harvest will be used to make our CBD Oil, salve, tea and flower. to see more pictures in our gallery, and to shop!

The plants will hang in the barn for up to a month, then be brought inside to finish the drying process off inside with a dehumidifier. Plants are dried to a 10-11% moisture level so they can safely be stored prior to processing.

The plants reabsorb moisture if it is very humid, so the CBD harvest has to be monitored carefully to insure proper moisture levels before packaging and storing the plant material.

Some plants from our CBD harvest will be hand trimmed for smokeable flower, and the rest will be tumbled in our Tommy the Tumbler, dubbed Sir Tommy by our friend Donna Lavelle, to remove dried leaves and stems. is the address if you’d like to learn more about Sir Tommy.

After plants are cut, hung, dried, and trimmed, the plant material is stored in giant paper bags, and then vacuum sealed in big plastic bags. They are stacked and stored in a temperature controlled room until ready for sale and processing. Each bag is considered a batch, and is sampled and sent to our 3rd party lab, Fouser Environmental services to be tested for safety and cannabinoid content, which includes making sure the plants are legal according to federal and state regulations. See and for more information.

Dovetail CBD harvest is always an exciting event. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor of love with you!