850 mg. CBD Massage Oil with Arnica


850 mg of pure CBD oil, combined with fresh plant extract of arnica, and essential oils of birch, lavender, and rosemary. Both organic olive oil and fractionated coconut oil are the carriers of these fine, pain relieving ingredients. Formulated by a pain management Massage Therapist, for other Massage Therapists. Also perfect for home use. The oil is silky, absorbs quickly, smells wonderful, and relieves pain.



This massage oil is formulated for professional and at home use. 850 mg. of pure hemp derived CBD, from USDA Certified Organic CBD hemp plants, blended with with fresh extract of Arnica, and essential oils. Silky, pain relieving, wholesome oil will enhance your practice.


850 mg CBD Massage Oil with Arnica

Formulated by a Pain Management Massage Therapist for other  professionals who treat pain naturally. Made from Dovetail Ridge Farm hemp derived CBD oil, from USDA Certified Organic hemp plants, grown and processed on farm, and combined with fresh plant extract of Arnica, which is well known for it’s pain relieving properties.http://www.mountsinai.org>herb/arnica Excellent glide, quick absorption. The CBD and arnica work together to provide quick pain relief for your clients and patients. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary and birch give this oil an uplifting scent.https://www.dovetailcbd.com/shop.   

The formulator of this Massage Oil has 36 years of experience working with people in chronic and acute pain as a Licensed, Board Certified Massage Therapist. The Arnica extract is freshly made by Bumbling Acres Farm.



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